Troubles with VK, a new single and short-term plans

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Hello, my little BOOZEom friends! There are some news for you! I’ve already written about copyright wars and rebirth of our epic album, but first things first.

United Media Agency

These guys are in charge of music at VK, OK and They, as a result, are so grand they don’t even need a logo.

Our negotiations with them came to a halt: they don’t answer to emails, and there is no other way to contact them.  

As long as TuneCore doesn’t work with UMA, I wrote to Universal, Sony etc. Nothing.

After that CDBaby came to rescue, therefore now I can publish music again.

We have cookies

Epoch Crysis Goes Brooklyn Hall

Some of you has already noticed that I always try to spread word about our music in web-space.

Let’s turn back time!

After the long silence, the band as a result dropped off the radar. But now I work my… heart off to promote us in Apple and Spotify, and recently Vladimir Lekhtinen (whom we truly respect) solemnly freed our name at Bandcamp, so EC is now there too.


I wouldn’t argue or write a review because this is a powerful tool to promote music legally and connect with the audience. In other words: deal with it.

Last year in November Epoch Crysis has been at the ~300 position in charts, and not flattering ~1500 position in the world.

Recently we’ve climbed to the 1st position and continue to rise at Reverbnation world chart. The summit is close!

Spotify & Apple Music

Epoch Crysis on Spotify and Apple Music

These ones need no introduction, therefore let’s go on.

I work with their audience regularly and see the success: growth of number of subscribers and regular listeners, rotation in several popular public playlists.

Problems with other platforms

A piece of interesting info

Our community doesn’t really have interest in subtle matters. Sad but true.

As a result, we have tons of links with outdated photos of hairy musicians who left the band long time ago.

Old videos which are not really videos at all: just an album cover and a music track. Not all websites are ready to update the info. Therefore, if you see something like this, let me know on Telegram/VK.

Another Day

Epoch Crysis — Another Day — Single

Can’t tell you the exact dates, but the approximate range is the end of February – the beginning of March.

This release will also bring some cool surprises for our listeners.
At the same time, the work on Rex will start at spring. It is still necessary to mind a ton of nuances, therefore the album needs long to be released.

Short-term plans

Soon after the release of Another Day, we have already begun to prepare the release of the EP, as well as the first track in Russian.

Therefore, work continues on the development of other streaming sites like Yandex, Amazon, Zvooq, Deezer etc.
We need your full support!

Torin Asakura