Under Control was released! But.

We can’t trust VKontakte anymore

VKontakte – a resource for pirates

After two weeks from the release, our first single has leaked from  vk.com to pirate resources, and we decided to stop publish our music at VK.

I personally set a unique IDv3 Tag for each file that will go further than Tune Core to other resources, so we can easily track leaks and where they come from.  

The picture is clear: all tracks we can find at pirate resources were downloaded from VKontakte.

I can’t really understand VK’s position in all this: if they are so concerned with anti-pirate policy, why can’t they protect content as Spotify or Apple Music?

There is a list of pirate resources which uploaded the single in a few days after release:


These days, subscription price for streaming services equals a cup of Starbucks coffee. We hope that our fans won’t download our music, because every playback brings us some money. We don’t expect much – we cherish it as a symbol of your affection, and it motivate us to create something wonderful and new.  

Negotiations with BOOM came to a halt

BOOM Music pays peanuts, and does not have normal conditions for publishing

No one will upload their music to a pirate feedbox, especially me, who really invests his time and money in music, concept and design.

We decided to go to BOOM Music and help BOOM users to listen our tracks legally.  

However, it is easier said than done:

  • for some unclear reasons VK doesn’t cooperate with Tune Core
  • Universal, Sony and Warner didn’t answer to our applications (2 for each one)
  • There are no clear instructions or manuals for publishing.

As a result, I’ve decided not to waste my time on BOOM Music and their tiny royalty.

Taking a new look at Rex

Epoch Crysis – Rex (2007)

I am dead serious. People often ask us to remake some old tracks from Rex, so we decided to reset it completely.

We’ve gone a long way since that; we did mistakes and learned from it, we changed plugins, instruments and ideas.

Hear the roar of the new Rex!

Together with Blastbear Sound we promise you great sound, and for die-hard Rex’s fans we will release another single, right after the Under Control.

Torin Asakura