The Hope Still Remains

And so, here it is, in fact, the first, full-fledged single Epoch Crysis, and even with vocals, which is strange.

The trick was not to “just-start-write-vocal,” but to start communicating the message through the lyrics, so new works by Epoch Crysis will be with vocals.

Under song hard worked:

Vocal – Ivan Vorontsov
Guitars records – BLASTBEAR SOUND
Bass-guitar – Vladimir Kaplin
Keyborads and samples – Dmitriy Smirnov
Drum sampling – Theodor Borovski

Music – Andrew GhostuhinVladimir Lehtinen
Lyrics – Andrew Ghostuhin

Mastering – Vladimir LehtinenBLASTBEAR SOUND

Vocal Record – Mikhail SidorenkoGREENDSOUND laboratory

Cover – Pavel Kurbanov

Special thx to Egor Yaroshenko and Sergey Raev

Torin Asakura